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Same Day Courier Crew

We go further than just the standard courier delivery service. If your item is large, heavy, bulky or fragile and you need extra pairs of hands we can supply additional crew. Our vans and trucks have spare seats up front in the cab, so we can come to you and load up, transport your goods and unload the other end. As a rule of thumb if an item is over 25kg then it will need to be carried by two people. This ensures the item is carried safely and avoids any lifting injury. If an item is fragile then an extra pair of hands ensures it is transported carefully, the same goes for irregularly shaped objects.

All our vehicles have at least one spare seat, large vans and trucks have two additional seats alongside the driver.

When your delivery needs an extra pair of hands… you need to A-B it!

Saving your staff time

We don’t just load up, transport and unload your goods. For example, our team can set up your exhibition equipment or take care of pack down. This saves your staff extra work and allows your team to arrive fresh and ready to start work knowing everything will be set up ready for their arrival. If you are organising an event and need a professional event transport team speak to our event logistics team, (www.ab247eventlogistics.co.uk) We have been involved in transporting and setting up exhibitions stands, product display for launches as well as a range of fragile items.

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A-B 24/7 Same Day Couriers offers the complete courier service

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Examples of when we had supplied Same Day Courier Crew

  • Transporting a wedding cake from London baker to prestigious venue on the coast
  • Transporting flight cases and lighting gantry to an event
  • Collecting and setting up stands, tables and marketing collateral at an exhibition
  • Delivering large quantity of large document boxes
  • The 1975 album launch – transporting bespoke neon tube signs
  • Setting up point-of-display items for the Kat Von D UK launch.
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If your delivery needs an extra pair of hands...

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