Expanding our Team

We’ve recently increased our Priority Motorbike Courier team with two new motorbikes and riders joining our team this month. Motorbikes are important members of our fleet, they are the guys on the front line of urgent delivery carrying a whole range of items from contracts for signature to a forgotten passports. Urgent and Priority are our standard services for any motorbike courier delivery which is why when our motorbikes collect they can go directly to the destination.

Hand Picked

With any new riders or drivers joining our team they will be given training directly by our directors in our customer service values and handling of fragile goods. All our riders and drivers have extensive knowledge of London so they know the best routes, the short-cuts and with live road updates we avoid the traffic problems. Our motorbikes are tracked by our team in our head quarters so we can keep our clients up to date on progress and delivery so you have the peace of mind our motorbikes go straight to their destination and we’ll confirm when the consignment has been received. We fully appreciate the importance of an urgent delivery and the trust placed upon us and our riders when delivering documents, tenders, contracts or that critical important replacement or forgotten item.

Priority Motorbike Courier

For cutting through inner city and local traffic nothing beats a motorbike courier for documents, small packages and document tubes. For larger and delicate items we also have our small vans available.

For small items and important documents a priority motorbike courier is the quickest route through the traffic, particularly delivering to or collecting from the heart of London.

Our new riders are now available, call us anytime. A-B 24/7 do not work to our hours – we work to yours.

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