At A-B 24/7 we’ve worked closely with White Light since 2012. White Light is a market leader in lighting; from hire, to installation and technical services. They’ve been around for 40 years, supplying lighting solutions for projects and presentations all over the UK – including very exciting events such as London Fashion Week and West End Musicals.

A-B 24/7 have played a large part in White Light projects, providing transportation and set up solutions for many high-profile calendar events. It’s useful to know that your courier service is reliable and on-hand. So, we asked Haydn Davison from White Light a couple of questions about how they felt about choosing the right courier for them.

Here’s what they said:

What is it about the service that A-B 24/7 provides that makes White Light such a loyal customer?

When we first met Chris we discussed the main issue we had in the past with courier services. These issues ranged from collection time exceeding 30min from the original phone call, a serious lack of vans post-5o’clock on any given day, and weekend and late night cover was almost non-existent.

I strongly felt that with a spend threshold of around £45k/yr we should really be able to ask and receive what we want. Chris, Tony and the team at A-B met and successfully reassured us that they could reach all of the requirements that we’d expressed. From day one they have, and our relationship has continued to date.

What is it you look for when choosing a premier logistics company?

We always look for a company that is quick to answer with a can do attitude. A friendly workforce behind the wheel is always a must, and they must have a strong enough presence on site to be aware of any weight restrictions and overloading requirements that their specific vehicles will need enforced. Again with the A-B 24/7 team, we’ve never had to worry about this because they deliver every time.

How important is it in the events/production industry to have a reliable courier and logistics company?

Reliability is key, if a collection is set for a specific time it’s for a very good reason (venues licensing laws, staffing cost, kit turn around and most important to keep the client happy).

Can you tell us about a particular event that you used A-B 24/7 for that was a success?

We cover “Fashion Week” twice a year every year; this requires all our vehicles out on the road multiple times each and every day. There is simply not enough time, drivers and vehicles to cover our work without A-B 24/7’s assistance. We have used them successfully on the last six (three years’ worth of fashion weeks), for anything from movement of kit between venues, collection of kit for return to White Light; then waiting for delivery straight to the next venue. A-B 24/7 really helps us to clean up any customer requirements.
I couldn’t be happier with their efforts and wouldn’t attempt a “Fashion Week” without them. We always have an early meeting with the team to advise on workload’s and make sure it’s all coverable. In short I have only ever received a yes answers from A-b 24/7 which gives us perfect peace of mind here at White Light.